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With as broad a range of musical taste as you'll find, PH enjoys music in pretty much all its forms. As a reviewer, he prefers to describe what bands sound like, not who they sound like and isn't afraid to tell you what he really thinks. If you want a review but don't want honesty, don't ask.

PH is also the site's Deputy Editor and is responsible for commissioning and editing all features, interviews and profiles. If you want to contact him please click here or drop him a line at

PH's Articles:

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Deadbeat Promotions Present... Laura Lost + Dead!Dead!Dead! + Fleeing New York
Dead!Dead!Dead! - Debut Single - March 2006
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Fleeing New York - Live
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Leisure + Birdpen + Tired Irie - Lennons - November 2005
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Long Live Rock & Roll's 2nd Anniversary - live - January 2006
Loopy - 'Scuffed' - Album
MACH SCHAU EP - 'Demonstration One'
One Life Left - Live - April 2006
Ratfinkel - MP3
Shadow Spirit - MP3
SouthSCENE CD - The Coming Of The Railways
The Kooks - Live - Joiners - January 2006
The Ordinary Boys + Bedouin Soundclash + The Automatic - October 2005
The Towers of London + Fleeing New York - Southampton Uni - October 2005


Dead!Dead!Dead! - November 2005