Myspace, innit

My apologies to a) the author of this once-upon-a-time article and b) the reader who may well have stumbled here by searching for info on the phenomena we know as My Space.

It was a very well-written and well-balanced article which contained many reasons why a band should, at the very least, use My Space to compliment their existing website.


Since being taken over by the same cunts who run everything else that was once good in this country, My Space, even as a concept, sucks cock.

A&R men and women, up and down the country, are laughing at your band - and that is best case scenario, since most of them aren't listening to you at all due to having one of THE MOST ARSE streaming setups of any online, music-playing website.

Keep it simple; keep your music on your own website. If you feel you need to branch out, go to google video or whoever the fuck just bought YouTube. Whatever, keep looking for the next techie breakthrough, keep searching and don't ever, NOT EVEN ONE TIME, think that whoring yourself to the online community isn't worth it. It is very worth it, but picking the right places to put the majority of your work is an art in its own right.