The Crown Jewels

Whilst it really pisses me off that bands should be made to feel embarrassed about proudly advertising they're from this area of the UK, I completely understand the 'breaking London' frame of mind. It's hard enough to get noticed, without advertising you're from Sandown, Romsey or Weymouth and knowing the closest you got to gigging in 'the smoke' was playing your Grandma's gold wedding anniversary, in Reading.

The London kudos is industry-renowned and undeniable and whilst The Luminaire (affectionately referred to as 'Lumi') know this, they won't rub your hicksville face in it.

The Luminaire, located in London's Kilburn High Road, is a venue managed by The Fly's Andy Inglis (Regional Editor and former Live Editor), although it's an entirely separate venture.

A refreshingly different London venue and if you don't want to take our word for it, take the word of the visiting public whose vote meant it bagged the 2005/06 Time Out award for live venue of the year!

In their own words: "We were sick of the way bands and gig-goers were treated by promoters and venues and reckoned we could do it better. And we were right.

We reckoned that if we met our bands with a smile and a handshake, and helped them load in, and showed them round, and gave them clean towels on stage and somewhere comfortable to sit backstage, and gave them a calm, friendly sound engineer to work with, we'd be the best small venue in London. And we were right.

And we thought that instead of acting aloof and moody when people arrived for a gig, we welcomed them and asked how they were and maybe had a bit of a conversation and a laugh, they'd remember that and tell their friends".

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