Eve's Only Son

October EP - Review
by PH

October EP starts, rather fittingly, with ‘October’. Raw, edgy guitar is joined by pounding drums to produce a pacey, just the right side if frantic feel to the song, which is layered with a sincere and subtly powerful vocal. Eve’s Only Son pull off a tricky balance of precise music played with feeling, and they do it well. October is precise not only in its sound but also in its structure - it flows along effortlessly. ‘The Ghost in the Machine’ follows with a riff-based rhythm that gets you nodding along immediately. This song displays the vocalists talents better – it’s slightly pained but he delivers the thoughtful lyrics well. I do, however, feel that it could be a bit grittier and more powerful at times. The structuring is, again, well thought out and the song moves along well, providing the right amount of repetition and diversity in the musical phrasing. It confirms that the first song wasn’t a fluke – Eve’s Only Son have a talent for song writing. The last track, ‘The All-Seeing-I’, follows in the same vein, with a driving bass line and compelling lyrics. The vocal finds some of the edge that was missing from the last track and it is all bolstered along with commanding drumming. Eve’s Only Son produce a confident, powerful indie-rock sound that is refreshingly honest and full of passion, and talent. It will be interesting to see if they can deliver this effectively live – I suspect they can and intend to find out at the next available opportunity. If I was Eve, I’d be very proud.