Album Review - Scuffed

by PH

I’ll be honest with you – I’ve struggled with this review. When I get a CD in the post, I’ll listen to it a couple of times and then, normally, have a good idea of how the review will go. Loopy have flummoxed me somewhat. They describe their music as ‘quality indie-pop’ and, yeah, after the first listen I can sort of see why they went for that. It is poppy and there are hints of indie in there. But I come away from that first listen thinking that it’s a bit weak – the vocal’s too whiney for me and there isn’t any punch to the music – it doesn’t grab me by the bollocks. I guess that’s ‘indie-pop’ for you though, isn’t it? Anyway – I’m not overly excited by it and, as usual, I leave it a few days before re-listening and starting to write the review. During those few days, however, something strange happens – I find myself singing Loopy songs. At work, in the shower, when I’m cooking dinner. Just snippets here and there and at first I think ‘what’s that song?’ Then I realise – it’s bloody Loopy! So I sit down and try and work out if I actually like them or not which is, after all, the idea behind doing a review. The vocal still doesn’t do it for me, the songs are all quite samey and some of the lyrics leave me perplexed. But the thing is, it’s not un-enjoyable. By the third time of listening I’m singing along with most of the songs. They’ve got some great melodies in there and some good tunes – ‘Too Late’ and ‘Ordinary Life’ being the most notable. It’s nice, catchy, fun music. If you’re after something that’s ground-breaking, or life-changing, then Loopy probably aren’t for you. But if you’ve got an open mind and don’t necessarily always want music that grabs you by the balls, then give them a go – like me, you might be surprised.