Air Pressure - MP3

by PH

I’m going to be honest with you from the start - Air Pressure aren’t going to change your life just yet. They also aren’t going to get a record deal any time soon, but all is not lost. Their songs are well structured and they do manage to produce some nice sounds, the best coming from the plodding funk of ‘Over a Plane’ which, in parts, is the pick of the three. The two other tracks are a bit wayward, leaving you with the feeling that they don’t quite know what they want to be just yet. Either that or they’re looking for something that isn’t there. ‘Strength’ tries to display anarchic simplicity but falls some way short - leaving you, simply, with simplicity. Listening to ‘Forget the December’ you can almost see what they’re looking for, but not quite. I’m not sure they know themselves just yet. The recording quality isn’t the best, which doesn’t do them any favours and they could certainly do with working on a few areas, the singing being a priority. However, musically they are tight and certainly sound like they could have more to offer. They just need to find out for themselves what that is.

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