Debut Single - 'George Lassoes The Moon/Mightiest Melodrama Of Them All'
March 2006


What to say about The Deads that hasn’t already been said? Every possible superlative has been bestowed upon them by numerous local and national music commentators. This debut single, however, is just ‘new versions’ of two tracks that fans, and presumably industry types, have been able to listen to, both live and on their two EPs, for ages. Isn’t that, I dunno, a bit of a cop out? Well no, actually, it isn’t. It’s a bloody good move. These are songs that have evolved over time, through hundreds of gigs, and the recordings reflect this. Not only do they display the infectiously eccentric talent that would have attracted the fans in the first place, but also a confidence and maturity that the previous recordings did not. Whereas some bands might start sounding tired of songs as time goes on, Dead!Dead!Dead! sound more alive than ever. Which is just as a debut single should be.