Kooks - Live

The Joiners - January 2006.

Image by Slinky

by PH

Following the release of their debut album and with a full tour schedule ahead of them, it’s a rare opportunity to see The Kooks so fresh and at such an intimate venue. Front-man Luke looks perhaps the most unassuming of the four piece, but you soon realise that he commands both the band and the audience very well. Their set takes us through a collection of decent songs, enhanced by Luke’s youthful but versatile vocal. It’s refreshing to see a band that aren't afraid to display or experiment with musical influences. With The Kooks you get a bit of everything – songs are tinged with reggae, blues and classic rock – not all at once, you understand, but it adds an extra dimension to get them away from the ‘indie-rock’ rut that so many other bands seem to be wallowing in.