About The Fly Wessex

The Fly is a national music magazine kindly distributed monthly, by venues, record stores, music shops and recording studios throughout the United Kingdom. As well as the independent distributors, upon whom we rely heavily, we are also distributed nationally by HMV. Aside from keeping you up to speed with all the latest goss in the world of alternative music, our Ones To Watch section, sponsored by Levis, is the place to discover a whole host of upcoming talent, usually before the mainstream press get hold of them. The Fly is also home to live reviews, album and single reviews and one of the most comprehensive listings sections of any music publication in the country - sponsored by Virgin Mobile. But that's not the best bit. Each month The Fly will contain around ten Regional Reports covering live events specific to certain geographical locations around the UK.

The Wessex Report will appear in the magazine every two months. To see our region in the LATEST ISSUE, click here. As you can see there is a large body of text, three smaller boxes and one which will contain our contact details and the address of this website. The main body of text will promote gigs we think you shouldn't miss. The boxes beneath it will be for special mentions. Every time the Regional Report appears, we will research bands we like the sound of, record stores; labels; venues; recording studios; event organisers; PR gurus; radio stations; e-zines or anything else linked to the music scene, and single three out for a special mention. The only stipulation is that you are supporting the Wessex music scene in some way. Wessex, in this instance, covers Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. The Fly is a free publication. Free to read, free to distribute and free to get yourselves mentioned within the regional pages. If you're a band, a reader or a venue you have nothing to lose by supporting us or stocking the mag. To see who currently stocks the mag in this region, click here.

The other major advantage of The Fly is that we know the country's top PR, top label A&R and top events management read it. We know this because they're on our mailing list. This site is contacted regularly by EMI and Virgin A&R requesting further information about bands.

You will find a variety of contact information here, including how to request reviews in the magazine itself and where to send demos. If you want to contribute to the website, as a writer or photographer, click here for more info.

To see how we review specifically for this website, click here to find the "Who & How We Review" section and an A-Z of all the reviews to date. Feel free to comment on any of the articles by clicking on the 'what do you think?' link at the top of each entry. Your comments there will be public although you don't have to leave your email address or website if you don't want to - but your feedback, good or bad, is important to us.

The link sections, which can be seen here and also here, will always be a work in progress.

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