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About Armchair Anarchist:

The Armchair Anarchist has dwelled in the Velcro City (or Portsmouth, as the maps
would have it) for twelve odd years and despite whinging about it all the time, shows no immediate signs of going anywhere else. Much of that time has been spent on music in one way or another; as a DJ, bedroom musician, lyric writer, club promoter, employee at the
Wedgewood Rooms and general scene-hanger-on to whatever local movements have taken his fancy - including a long stint as the UXB DIY movement’s ‘psychedelic guru’. He is interested
in all forms of music, as long as it has some spark and/or originality but tends to lean towards the guitar stuff when he’s at home.
Recent favourites include ‘Amplifier’ and ‘Oceansize’. Having recently realised that a career on stage is not something he was born for after all, he is settling in to pursue a career in writing.
In addition to writing for this esteemed and unique website, he writes poems that
receive lovely rejection slips and is still trying to get a short story finished to his satisfaction.
He also reviews SF novels for Interzone, the UK’s foremost science fiction writers' magazine.
As none of these tasks are paying yet, he earns a crust by toiling in the city library where he gets to lurk among his other obsession, namely books.
Journalist-groupies please note, he drinks Mexican beer by preference, but if you’re short of money, a tequila will do; no salt, no lemon. Read his personal blog here:

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