Amusement Parks On Fire

Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - May 2006

Written by Armchair Anarchist

At last, a guitar band with more substance than surface style. Amusement Parks On Fire herald a return to the shoegazing sounds of the early 90s. There’s some grunge in the mix, some stoner-rock, some metallic hints and a small dose of electronica. It all adds up to a lush wall of sound, driven by guitars but avoiding rock clichés. The use of keyboards and sampled textures really lift them above the crowd of new-wave wannabes that pack the music papers. Slow, dreamy vocals lurk in the sonic undergrowth, hinting at an introspection that makes a refreshing change from overblown egos and daft haircuts. It’s a soundtrack to sitting in a sunlit park in the summer, with a head full of dope and a gut full of cheap cider. Granted, they’re not the most thrilling band to watch, but that doesn’t matter when you can close your eyes and let the music draw pictures inside your head.