Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - April 2006
Image: © 2006 Stuart Leech
Written by Armchair Anarchist

I just don’t understand. Psyattica have it all. They’re young, they have great stage presence and excellent musical skills. They’re a good-looking bunch of lads, clearly a big hit with the young ladies in the audience. So why are they writing music that, although catchy and well-structured, seems aimed at people twice their own age? The basic sonic trappings of the current emo-rock styles are there, as are the haircuts and clothes. But the songs never leap out of the box and claw for your throat. Instead, they perch on the sofa and pass the remote when asked. It feels too safe, accessible and inclusive. There’s no blood, sweat and rebellion at all. I itch for them to do something daring, to shake up and smash the formula - but they don’t. They’re a talented young band, for sure. But they’re playing music for old men, to young girls.