Leaves' Eyes

Live - Frog-on-the-Front - May 2006
Image: © 2006 Mastersound Entertainment
Written by Armchair Anarchist

The German approach to rock and metal is less jaded than that of the UK; Leaves’ Eyes illustrate this difference vividly. A respectable cluster of goths and metal-heads have turned up to see them. But they won’t be gracing Kerrang’s front page any time soon, despite having a beautiful female singer. They’re just too sincere, you see. The English sense of irony can’t deal with the lyrical clichés and the un-ironic over-the-top-ness of it. Musically, they’re superb. Lots of dense rhythmic guitar work, frantic fret-board attacks, tight drums and soaring vocals. It’s all there, fighting against the dreadful acoustics of a venue unsuited to guitar acts. They play to fifty people as if they were a stadium audience. But it’s just too much, a shade too gothic and emotional... and very reminiscent of the bombast of hair-metal. I was a good boy, though – I didn’t laugh out loud more than twice.