The Elements + Bullet + The Waysters - Frog-on-the-Front - May 2006
Image: © 2006
Written by Armchair Anarchist

Pub-rock will never die – The Elements are proof of this, more's the pity. Forty years down the line and people are still seeking authenticity by being Beatles clones. An extensive rent-a-mob of friends and family cannot distract from the fact that this band are pedestrian and uninspired. The songs are predictable and inanimate, a smear of bland pop styles and clichés. They make Oasis seem like a ground-breaking art project. If I never see them again, it will be too soon. Bullet provide a welcome relief with some tongue-in-cheek rock and roll action. Simple garage songs are rolled out with strength and a sense of humour. They don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s sleazy and cheesy, prime foot-tapping fodder. They’re hardly the most original act on the planet, but a satisfactory soundtrack to beer and cigarettes on a Friday night. Last up are The Waysters, a gang of young teenagers with lots of potential. They are tight and proficient despite their lack of years. Their stagecraft is lacking but that comes with experience. They need to broaden their influences, however - the pervasive influence of Bloc Party is impossible to ignore. Still, if you’re going to imitate a band it might as well be a unique one. It will be interesting to watch this lot grow musically. Hopefully their youth won’t keep them from getting the gigs they need to polish their skills.