Hundred Reasons

Wedgewood Rooms - April 2006
Image by Stuart Leech
Words by Armchair Anarchist

They’ve been off the radar for a while, but Hundred Reasons are back. Their sound is a little heavier and faster than before but still possesses that trademark clarity and choppy, energetic guitar work. Tonight’s set contains the usual mix of frenetic rock-outs and gentle, thoughtful numbers. It’s a joy to watch a proper live act working and a rare thing to see a band enjoy themselves this much. Their performance is polished but natural, delivered with utter conviction. And the crowd love it - singing along to every word, grinning like loons. Colin is a riveting frontman, confident without being cocky; the guy can really sing. No unintelligible, angry ‘ I-hate-my-parents’ shit required – just honest songs sung with passion and a vocal range to kill for. The haircut scene could learn a lot about song-and stage-craft from Hundred Reasons. But I hope they keep the secret to themselves.