Live - Wedgewood Rooms - March 2006
Image by DJ Webb
By Armchair Anarchist

Oceansize sound as wide as their name implies, and they are involved with their own music so deeply they should be wearing scuba gear. Their songs are varied in tone and texture, but with a consistent sound that is distinctly their own. They sail from haunting emotional moments of distant quiet into typhoons of guitar and drums that hammer your entire body and mind. Huge swells and tidal waves of controlled feedback will suddenly leave you becalmed in a vast open space, underpinned by subtle vocals and rhythms as precise as a ship’s clock. Beached and stunned, you can do little but permit the immense forces to wash over and around you. Oceansize understand how to completely possess an attentive audience and leave them staggered, reeling like drunk sailors on shore leave. And tomorrow you will wake up and want it to happen again... and forever.