The Datsuns

+ SSM + Little London - Wedgewood Rooms - April 2006
Image: © 2006 DJ Webb
Written by Armchair Anarchist

Local lads Little London are back in black after a lengthy absence. They launch straight into tight and punchy, whisky-soaked rock songs. The newer material sounds a little heavier and more metallic but retains their usual vibe of self-destruction. They come across like an evening of escapist alcohol abuse, turned up to eleven. The crowd is pleased to see them back. Next up are SSM, a hard act to classify. A three-piece with drums, keys and guitar, they peddle a curious trailer-park mash-up of rock styles from space-metal to and everything in between. The set starts slow and strange but gets more focussed toward the end, with a corresponding increase in audience enthusiasm. They’re either the future of rock or a smudge on the radar screen – only time will tell. The Datsuns can be relied upon to do exactly what is expected of them, however. And that is balls-out rock’n’roll riffage – fast, frantic and loud. Their detractors call them a one-trick pony, recycling ancient ideas but that’s what makes them so enjoyable. Their set is a riot of grin-worthy lyrics and fretboard twiddling that hits all the buttons marked ‘good time music’. They roar through song after song with precision and passion, with the audience happy to handle the words to their favourite numbers. Gigs like this need no justification beyond the smiles of the attendees staggering out into the night. Seriousness is over-rated; the world needs more frivolous rock songs. The Datsuns deliver.