About DJ

David (DJ as he signs himself, or Deej! as Paula has christened him) has been fiddling with cameras since he first stole his Dad’s trusty Nikon SLR way back before the Internet was invented. After a lengthy hiatus, photography was rediscovered as was rock and roll, and with a trusty 2MP Fujifilm digital camera by his side, DJ and the two became intimately intertwined. After a number of years shooting bands from the crowd with a finger over the flash (if your camera's got no manual controls, improvise) the time came to get a real camera and make something out of this crazy love. In recent months DJ has shot everyone from local scene favourites like Dead! Dead! Dead! to gypsy punk allstars Gogol Bordello - with as many bands in between as you could feasibly see without going deaf. Check out to see some more of his work and find out how to book him for your next gig, or check out the images used on this site from the links below.


Oceansize Interview - March 2006
Oceansize Live - The Wedge - March 2006

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