Rodrigo y Gabriela

The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth - June 2006
Image & Words: © 2006 DJ Webb

One of the greatest things about this job is getting to see bands you love, the other is getting to see bands you’d never heard of before. Tonight's sold out show falls firmly into that first category. Rodrigo y Gabriela’s style of music has evolved from their days in Mexican death metal bands. Now, with just two acoustic guitars, Rodrigo y Gabriela deliver an unrivalled musical experience. Filled with a drive and passion you rarely see today, Rodrigo y Gabriela take you on a rollercoaster ride. From the simple beginnings of ‘Satori’, to the epic cover of Metallica’s ‘Orion’, the intensity with which they play never lets up. The only singing tonight is that of the crowd to the cover of Pink Floyd's ‘Wish you Were Here’. Otherwise it isn't missed, or needed, it would only distract you from the music. And the music is, after all, what Rodrigo y Gabriela are all about.