Portsmouth Pyramids - April 2006

Image: © 2006 DJ Webb
Written by DJ Webb

After this month's sold-out show at the Joiners I was expecting big things tonight. It’s a shame that the rest of the crowd were elsewhere. Breed’s first 3 songs went down well with the fans on the barrier. The screams of adoring female fans is still ringing in my ears as I head out of the pit. However, as I walk through the crowd it appears a lot of people are still to be won over. Jumping around on stage more than anyone in the audience, vocalist Isola finally seems to be driving their Gibraltarian rock into people's heads. As ‘Apathy’ comes to a close he galls the crowd with, ‘how’s it going Bournemouth? Brighton? Portsmouth? Now I’ve got your attention!’ And, with the crowd's attention, they turn and blast through the last two tracks of their set. Finishing with the crowd-pleasing ‘La Ultima Hora’, Breed leave the stage to cheers that shouldn’t have been this hard to draw out. 2006 could be the year that Breed77 leave their ‘next big thing’ tag behind and actually get the following they deserve. Someone just forgot to tell Portsmouth.