Sigur Rós

Southampton Guildhall - July 2006

Words & image © 2006 DJ Webb

With a white curtain covering the front of the stage, Sigur Rós (pronounced ‘see orr rose’) open tonight’s show with the title track from their latest album ‘Takk’ and immediately a hushed silence comes across the audience. Sigur Rós don’t want you to dissect the music and decide what message they have put in to a song. They want you to listen, to watch and discover what the song means to you. The ethereal sweeping sound of a cello bow on a guitar is perfectly accompanied by the lights and video projected onto the stage. This is not just about the music, it's more than that. It's about taking you out of the now and letting your senses wander to another, more surreal place. The perfect review of a Sigur Rós show is to experience it for yourself. I for one struggle to put into words the show I watched tonight.