Southampton's Joiners - May 2006
Images: © 2006 DJ Webb
Written by DJ Webb

Since I began writing reviews for TFW I’ve kinda made it my mission to go out and see bands I wouldn’t necessarily see if I was the one paying for the ticket. Tonight was no different. Billed as 'NME Approved Electro-Pop' I went in with open ears and open mind. Well whoever decided Protokoll were electro-pop has different ideas about 'pop' to me. This Boston four-piece could be described as a lot of things, but pop? With their fast paced, drum-driven tracks coated with a film of effects-laden guitar and Jose De Lara’s superb lyrics, each new track gives you another layer to peel back and explore. If your not bouncing along to this, something's wrong; and it's not the synth-driven, post punk of Protokoll.