Chris Thorp

About Chris:

Chris hadn’t written a single review before joining The Fly Wessex, but since joining has found himself enjoying his new status as ‘music-journalist’ (it sounds more impressive than his chosen occupation in the exciting field of insurance). Being a lover of music since before he can remember, he has wanted to become part of the local scene and has achieved this firstly by playing guitar in the band ‘Arrowshy’, and secondly by joining The Fly Wessex team. He tries to keep as open-minded as possible when listening to music, whatever the genre, and aspires to having a more obscure record collection than anyone else. Some of his favourite artists include ‘The Mars Volta’, ‘Amon Tobin’ and ‘Fantomas’ but he's on a constant search for new and unique music that will change his life – and of course he’ll let you know when this happens!

Chris's Articles:


Broken Social Scene - The Wedge - February 2006
Ejector Seat's All Dayer - May 2006
Make Good Your Escape - The Wedge - November 2005
Mogwai - Southampton Uni - March 2006

CD Reviews:

A+E Line - Train Wrecks Album Review - January 2006
Brenda - EP Review - May 2006
Driving South - 'Moist' Demo Review - January 2006
One Life Left - Demo Review - March 2006
Stop It You're Killing Me - 'Waiting For Love' - EP Review - February 2006