One Life Left

Demo Review – 'Machine'

by Chris Thorp

Be careful not to have the volume too loud when putting this disc into your player, as you may get caught off-guard. After a short burst of noise from all instruments, the first track ‘Ghost in the Machine’ settles into a quirky kind of groove, which takes a few seconds to get your head around. This is music I could quite easily imagine in the charts. The vocalist’s abilities particularly remind me of all-too familiar pop-rock acts such as Stereophonics and Maroon 5, although the musicality of the band as a whole will appeal to a more alternative audience. Second track ‘The Seven Thunders’ continues with the same punchy approach, whilst ‘Passing Place’ ends the CD showing their more delicate side – which works equally well. The songs are played with feeling and ingenuity without crossing the border into ‘cheese territory’, which many pop-rock crossovers fail to avoid. This is a slickly produced and packaged demo, which deserves to get them a great deal of attention, very soon. For more info visit