Ejector Seat's All-dayer

Southampton's Joiners - May 2006
Image: © 2006 www.rivaljoustas.co.uk
By Chris Thorp

Upon arrival to the bustling venue I manage to catch the start of MoneyTree’s set, which is a good place to start for the evening’s music. Fronted by an extremely cheerful character, their quirky brand of jazzed-up rock proves to be somewhat hit and miss. Coming across as a mix between early Incubus and Biffy Clyro, their ambitious stop-start style can be both impressive and frustrating – although they have no problem in keeping the audience entertained. Rival Joustas, although initially having technical issues, obliterate the stage with their frantic performance, culminating with an invasion from the hyperactive crowd. Their songs are powerful and memorable, and the energy with which they play is easily transferred to the listener. I’m sure many people are concerned with the mental stability of the lanky vocalist (with much of his time spent dribbling or lying on the stage with his feet in the air), but for the most part this lack of stability seems to be the highlight of the evening. Having to catch the last train back means I can only watch half of Jeniferever’s performance. Witnessing their songs is like being sucked into a whirlpool – the louder the music gets, the more you get drawn in until there’s no chance of escape. The cover of their album, ‘Choose a bright morning’, perfectly illustrates their take on post-rock. It conjures up images of lush landscapes and forces of nature in the mind’s eye. After leaving, I can hear the thunderous noise continuing inside, regretting that I can’t experience where it would have taken me next.