Broken Social Scene

Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - February 2006

Images: ©2006 Stuart Leech -

I’m intrigued as to how Broken Social Scene are all going to fit on the stage tonight. After reading about their shows, in which they have up to twenty performers, I’m slightly disappointed to count only nine. Tonight's minimalist approach, however, doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the show. Their music sits somewhere between post-rock and pop; powerful, musical landscapes build to a crescendo of noise, but it's complimented by catchy riffs and sing-along choruses. Instruments weave in and out of each other's tones whilst the vocals are delivered in such a way that you can’t help but listen intently. On stage they look like the happiest collection of people you’re likely to see and this sense of fun translates astonishingly well to the listener. This is complex 'arty' music executed in a way that anyone can enjoy it without having to endure any self-indulgent nonsense - if only all pop sounded this good.