Stop It You're Killing Me

'Waiting for love' EP

Never has a demo seemed to finish as quickly as this one. Although the EP contains 4 tracks, they are crammed into the space of 8 and a half minutes and it makes you wonder whether it was really worth burning them onto CD in the first place. It's clear that Stop It You’re Killing Me aren’t trying to impress their audience with musical wizardry or flashy presentation. Instead they present us with a dark slab of rock n’ roll, played with energy and notable originality. First track 'Waiting for Love' starts with a simple guitar riff before the song crashes into its groove. The vocals provide a particularly strong dimension and seem to diversify from punk and grunge through to goth styles. This combination creates quite a unique voice. The key to their effectiveness lies in the simplicity and length of their songs. You hardly have the chance to digest a chorus before it’s ended and you’re faced with another; not giving you a chance to breathe or even form an opinion of what you've just heard. Although it has a raw feel to it, the instruments are all played with exact precision, allowing the vocals to wander freely and chaotically between the tracks. While the fast paced delivery works well on a 4-track demo, extending this over a full-length album may prove tricky but it will ultimately prove what this band are really capable of.