Hannah Chislett

About Hannah:

All Hannah has ever wanted is a quiet life and is never happier than when she is seated comfortably, with a cigarette working its evil magic on her, knitting, with a cup of earl grey and a cat to hand. If you try hard enough, she knows you can knit and smoke at the same time. It just depends how much you want it. It may surprise you, then, that this comfort-monger can often be found tapping her oversized feet to some really thumping bass or epileptic drumming at some night of hardcore fun. Watching her dance is kind of like watching someone have a fit, actually. Complete with foam. Never having any money, the simple pleasures of reading at bedtime and music all the time are those which keep her fulcrum ticking. As a further point of interest, she shouts at people who don’t walk their dogs on leads along main roads, her only form of political protest.
Hannah is also responsible for TFW's unique and somewhat dowsed-in-acid news letter, which you can subscribe to on the right hand side of any page! Yay and stuff.

Hannah's Articles: