OK Go!

The Wedgewood Rooms - March 2006
Image courtesy of okgo.net
Written by Hannah Chislett

As OK Go! take the stage, all the girls in the audience squeal. All they’ve wanted all night is to catch a glimpse of lead singer Damien Kulash. Every eye in the room traces his shape as he swaggers and ponces. He’s got us - girl, boy, young, old - we all want him. The music, although a little repetitive in places, is always well delivered. The mixture of old and new delights both long-time servers and those who are bushy-tailed in the world of Ok Go! Despite personally preferring their early stylings, feeling that their very appeal lies in sugar-sugar-candy pop, the new songs really do show a maturity which has yet to mirror itself in their audience. And as everything comes crashing down and the crowd start to yawn - realising, of course, that it is now hours past their bedtime, the image of Ok Go! dancing in beautiful and guileless synchronicity sends us away into the quietly humming night. The smell of teenage sweat explodes from the doors. It will be days before I smell normal again.