The Organ

Heal/Repair Promotions - Lennons - April 2006
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Words by Hannah Chislett

As I arrive at Lennons I'm greeted by the sight of The Organ, strolling about the place as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I am, quite naturally, star-struck. Despite wishing to avoid fuzzy generic stabs in the dark, I want you to imagine, if you will, Morrissey with breasts and charm singing over Chameleon-esque bass and twanging melodies - with all the simplicity and desperation of Joy Division before they got really depressing. Show stoppers such as ‘There is nothing I can do’ are mellow song stylings in comparison to jaunty motherfuckers like ‘Steven Smith’ and ‘Brother’. The Organ are creating a new brand of freak; lost boys mourning youth before it’s even over, sexy but androgynous, proud yet humble, boy but girl, smashing together to form a somehow coherent bundle of intense stage and social presence. This is going to change everything.