The Piltdown Hoax?

'Acoustic EP' - May 2006
Image: © 2006
Written by Hannah Chislett

It’s obvious The Piltdown Hoax? don’t care a lot, either about their music or their audience. The music isn’t exactly inspired, but it’s sweet in comparison with the fucking voice! Shut up, man! Why do things have to have twee vibrato in every word? Shamefully, the lyrics are also sub-par. Some political fingerings, but not enough to mark them apart from the rest. What will redeem this band? Despite the amount of instruments it mentions in the sleeve, I find no evidence of another band member, and as the EP drags by, it seems like it’s just the vocalist with a guitar on his lap. Track 3 seems promising, more upbeat and less dirge-like, but the voice tears at your teats when it comes in. But look! Another band member! Seriously, is this a joke? I’m sure I’m missing something. Their namesake was a prank, so maybe this is a folk skull with a Chris Morris jaw. I’ve no idea but I’m not laughing out loud, as the kids say. The final song on the EP is sweet in its way, with the penny whistle soothing frayed nerves. But tread here carefully, because I can’t help thinking that, with this band, a free CD isn’t cheap enough. Maybe they should pay me.