Under Your Nose (UYN)

The role you play in the music industry:

Local promoter and online netlabel.

Name of your organisation:

Under Your Nose


Motherfuckin’ Southsea

Contact Details:

Contact Udy at: evilcircus_udy@yahoo.co.uk



Any discounts your offer:

Discounts vary on our club nights. Previous offers have included reduced charges and free CDs for early entry or buying tickets in advance.

Work you have done in the past; the highlights:

UYN has promoted a year of techno nights with our friends at Phase 2, plus a string of our own nights at the Edge of the Wedge. We have also organised a top night featuring our very own Wiservice. UYN compilation CDs are a highlight of our work, featuring a slew of local artists and available for FREE download also.

Any causes, policies or things you feel passionate about:

UYN strongly advocates new music and believes that people are actually open-minded enough to resist being fed the same old trash until 2am. We also believe that people have the capacity to enjoy music outside of their chosen genre.

The top five reasons readers would use you over your competitors:

1. UYN provides top quality music for FREE download.
2. UYN gigs/club nights have a great vibe and are a great chance to meet up with local people with similar interests.
3. UYN is an open house with a chance for anybody to get involved.
4. UYN releases more music from more artists than anybody else!
5. UYN doesn’t see our “competitors” as a threat, more as an opportunity to create a joined up scene in Portsmouth (and beyond!)

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