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How Oasis changed my life

A true story by Adam Reed

I was a naive 18-year-old, aimlessly wandering my new university campus, clueless as to what it was I wanted to be or do with my life. Then, from nowhere came a voice, “Hey, you look like you’re into music”. A confused glance down at the ‘Oasis – Definitely Maybe’ T-shirt I was wearing proved the speaker was at least semi-correct. “Do you want to get free CDs?” What a stupid question. I was a student, so I wanted anything that was free and CDs were in my top three favourite things. “Okay”, I said. “Then write for the student magazine”, he replied. And so began my life as a journalist (of sorts). It started as a harmless pass time, reviewing albums and live gigs, but quickly escalated into film, comedy, theatre and eventually I became so megalomaniacal that I became an editor. Years later, I’ve lost my way a bit and somehow found myself in the cliché-ridden, repetitive-to-the-point-of-tedium world of sports journalism, which is why, in a bid to save my sanity and return to my roots, I turned to The Fly Wessex for help.

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Rolling Dog + Kid Idiot - Live - April 2006

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