Single review - Peter Says / Calling on Everything - February 2006

Sending a cd by a band called Rat:Daddy to a man experiencing a rodent problem in his home, could be considered a sick joke. Happily, however, the result was 7+ minutes of pleasing rock melody to drown out the gnawing from beyond the skirting board. Peter Says teases the listener with a heavy guitar intro, before quickly descending into a gentler, more emotive verse. It’s pleasing stuff, even if it is on course for a predictable, yet all the more satisfying for it, crescendo of a chorus. It’s formulaic rock done well - and over before you can fault it. Worryingly, Calling on Everything begins with an almost identical, underlying melody but soon develops into something more poppy, if less powerful than its predecessor. Think somewhere between The Darkness and The GooGoo Dolls. Rat:Daddy may not stretch any boundaries but they leave you wanting to hear a little more. And that’s always a good sign.