Zero Point Field

Mr Kyps - December.

Considering my previous experience of Zero Point Field, I’m not too enthralled by the prospect of seeing them again tonight. However, a live show can be very different to a sterile studio recording. So, with that in mind, I take up my place in Kyps and get comfy. Suddenly, within moments of ZPF taking the stage, I feel as though I have inadvertently stumbled back in time. Starting with ‘Special’, the b-side to their recent single ‘Something New’, singer Alborz is the image of a younger Alice Cooper (minus the make-up and guillotine) and the band call to mind Sabbath with their heavy, repetitive riffage. This trip back to the 70s is confirmed by the squealing guitar solos present in every song, as well as Alborz’ exhortations for us to “make some noise!” at every opportunity. Zero Point Field settle into a groove very early on tonight and proceed to go no further. They are seemingly content to plod along in third gear and, other than the afore mentioned utterances, never really make the effort to build up an atmosphere or generate any real excitement. In their defence, they are very solid and well rehearsed but after a while things begin to grate, in particular the dreadful, embarrassing lyrics that are present throughout. The lack of any structural variety or dynamics is also glaringly apparent. Still, for many here tonight, ZPF do the trick - people are tapping their feet pretty early on to songs like ‘Rockshow’ and ‘Fahrenheit’ and I’m sure that ZPF will be back here again soon. I hope that somebody bought these guys a copy of Refused’s ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ for Xmas, if only so they realise that there is more to the middle eight of a song than the high notes on a guitar.