Zero Point Field

Something New - Single - October 2005

by Sam Goodman

Zero Point Field are something of a disappointment; forming in April of last year, they are a band who possess a clear amount of talent and the pop suss to put together a catchy enough three minute rock song that ticks all the right retro rock boxes: undulating rhythms, solid, pounding drums and a hummable chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on a drive time radio show - think the Glitterati, think the Darkness without the comedy vocals and you’d be most of the way there. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to cover up the disappointingly homogenous familiarity of the whole affair; the half-sung half-sneered vocals, the throwaway lyrics riddled with just about every rock cliché going (“get a gun and put a bullet in your head” being one example) and the obligatory guitar solo that is obviously waiting in the wings from bar one. What compounds things is the apparent lack of irony. Calling a single so unashamedly derivative as this ‘Something New’ shows a breathtaking lack of self-awareness. Although, it isn’t all bad news for Zero Point Field. Track two, ‘Special’ is far better and does a more convincing job of trying to live up to the lofty aspirations the band give themselves in their press release. Built around a brooding and darkly atmospheric riff, the track calls to mind early Black Sabbath immediately and singer Alborz’ vocals have enough of a Plant-ish slant to evoke a touch of ‘Dazed and Confused’-era Zeppelin. On ‘Special’ Zero Point Field sound a great deal more convincing but unfortunately it is not enough to redeem themselves or set them apart from their contemporaries just yet.