October Issue

As the Fly Wessex website skids in, sideways, to its sixth month of existence, we quietly reflect upon the seriousness of the task at hand (that's aiding and abetting this 'ere music "scene", for the uninitiated) and rub our chins in thoughtful contemplation. What we did with the remaining 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day is our business, but rest assured we weren't slacking. In the last 6 months we have reviewed over 100 bands, most of them based in our region, and we don't reckon that's too shabby a stat, but stats are a bit dull so let's give you October's magazine offering before you nod off. The featured band were The Sways, as pictured, and PH gave us his views on the SouthSCENE CD. The lads at Long Live Rock and Roll got a mention too, in view of their new Club Fandango night and website. Click on the image to read it. Now also featured monthly on the site is the Live Editorial from the magazine's Regional Editor, Andy Inglis. A copy of which you can find here. Should you be mentioned in the mag or on this site, feel free to take quotes - but please attribute the author and the publication (or our website) if you quote us - or we get cross and cry. Sadly the magazine isn't published during the festive month of December, so that's the last page of 2005 - but don't despair, the website is run by a far sadder buncha fuckers and we're still here! However, if I don't see or hear from you before 2006, have a damned pissed-up Christmas and not too harsh a come-down in the New Year. Peace, word and all that good shit.