Larrikin Love

West End Centre, Aldershot - June 2006
Image: © 2006
By Michael Evans

Recently, I’ve seen an awful lot of bands that have been guilty of one of two crimes. Either cramming too many tunes into one song or, frankly, not having enough tunes in their entire set to make even one song. Happily, Larrikin Love fall into neither category, managing to make their various styles into a consummate whole. And whilst on record Larrikin Love come across as slightly dull, playing live they are the most arresting band I’ve seen in a long time. Describing themselves as “Bluegrass, Punk, Reggae” it’s hard to disagree as song after song leaps its way madly, from nimble fingered country pickin’ to rocking like a bastard - all via some laid back reggae and crazy skanking. With a charismatic frontman and a whistle toting bass player to boot, what more can you ask? Well worthy of your seven quid.