Interview with Sway - May 2006
Image: © 2006 Kid 73
Written by Kid 73

Kid 73: How’s the tour going with The Streets?
Sway: It’s going really well man, enjoying myself, having fun, opening eyes a lot more. It's a good experience because it’s like being at square one again. Considering that 99.9% have come here to see The Streets. I’d say possibly 20% of the crowd know my music and the 80% is what gets me back to square one. I have to convert that crowd, I have got to either make them love me or hate me.

Kid 73: Where is the biggest response you have had so far?
Sway: Edinburgh was massive that’s because they hate the Union Jack innit. I got booed for a good 30 seconds. We got the Scottish flag behind the Union Jack - so we came on and we accept the boos for like 30 seconds as they throw their drinks and stuff, we reveal the flag underneath and they go ballistic. That’s probably the biggest response I have heard on a night for us. In Newcastle we came out on the stage with our jackets on and I asked ‘any Arsenal fans in the place?’ and everyone went ‘BOOOO’. Me and Turkish took our jackets off and we had Newcastle shirts on and they went crazy, I have never seen that many people roar like that before.

Kid 73: What’s in store for the Soton crew tonight?
Sway: [Laughs] Southampton doesn’t really have an angle for me. I love Southampton but I know Southampton for Craig David and I’m not sure how this crowd feels about Craig David.
Kid 73: Ask them.
Sway: If I get booed then there is no return from that. What do I do? If I ask and they all boo there’s no return, I don’t think I could stop the boos.
Kid 73: You could rip a Craig David album in half.
Sway: I wouldn’t do that I’m a fan. Especially not in his hometown, that’s damn disrespectful.

Kid 73: So how much longer for the tour?
Sway: Four days, then we have two dates with Hard-Fi. That’s gonna be a hard one. I am expecting them not to have any knowledge of my music whatsoever. That’s what I am expecting. I’ll be very, very surprised if I see one person singing along to the lyrics.

Kid 73: Do you change your set for a Hard-Fi crowd?
Sway: No. There would be no point in doing that, because I would just prefer people to accept me for what I do. It would be all good doing just rock songs but I’m not a rock artist. I would love to do rock songs... But... I ain’t got any [Laughs].

Sway’s new single is out 22nd of May entitled ‘Products’ with a brand new exclusive track ‘Baby Father’ with some alternative remixes including an exclusive remix by Mr Hudson who is the hotly tipped new David Bowie.