Naomi Hates Humans

My Space Track Review
Image: © Naomi Hates Humans
by Roger Emery

First impressions can sometimes be deceiving but don't let them make you miss out on Naomi Hates Humans. Have you actually listened to all the tracks? You don't like it, do you? Maybe it’s not your sort of thing, or you think it’s not very musical. Now go and listen again, and then take a third listen to ‘Pipe Dreams and Lullabies’. Now can you hear it? Potential? Possibility? Originality? Hope? It’s like one of those very early recordings of someone successful and now considered a musical genius, but in black and white and all scratchy and raw and ten years before they hit the big time. It was only when it was later dug from the vaults did they see the early genius potential. Ok, the middle section of ‘Heads Down’ conjures weird chords that make my head tingle and ‘Consensus Counts for Nothing’ labours its point, but I like to be challenged, don’t you? This is categorised as experimental - it’s supposed to challenge! It’s the sort of stuff I’d happily listen to in a small underground bar on a wet Sunday lunchtime while supping a pint and wondering what I got up to the night before. Naomi may hate humans, but not all humans should hate Naomi.