'Jellybass' - Album Review - May 2006
Image: © 2006 www.jellybass.co.uk
by Jo Daley

This album is one for going out to. You all know what I mean - it’s Saturday night, you’ve been drinking various flavoured vodkas and you’ve got your dancing feet strapped firmly to your body. There's one track which stands out triumphantly, it’s 'Vulgar'. I’m listening to this for the first time and it’s Tuesday afternoon, around tea time. Kids are walking home from school, settling down to Blue Peter and I’ve got this up to ear-bleeding volume. With closed eyes, I'm wishing I was in a kitchen at a house party, dancing on the worktops. The climax in this song transports me to a 30s swing club, filled with ravers. Jellybass will make you move like a human water bed. They’ll make you want to dress up and dance like a fool. It's music for turning up loud and playing to your friends, just to see their faces light up and heads start bobbing when the songs reach their dramatic peaks. This is better than good, this is godlike goodness. Get it, go out and turn to jelly.