Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - May 2006
Image: © 2006 Stuart Leech
Written by Stuart Leech

Somewhat of a surprise tonight, although being downgraded from the Pyramids is not necessarily a good sign, the wedge was busy if not completely packed. A mixed audience from younger fans to the audience you might expect of 30-something females. The music and performance is a surprise for me, the songs that haven’t been released as singles off their debut album move along at a faster pace than those which we would consider typical of Kubb. The band are tight, keeping the steady pace of the well known songs and somewhat cautiously letting go on the more upbeat album tracks. It's here that the guitarist appears in a world of his own, playing some unexpected licks and riffs. I think it’s easy to overlook a band for being dull, but live they put on a convincing performance of well-crafted pop songs. No parental guidance stickers here, obviously, but plenty of enjoyment.