Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend - Southampton Guildhall - May 2006
Images: © 2006
Written by Sam Goodman

I saw Funeral for a Friend almost a year ago and they were dreadful. Tonight’s incarnation is a totally different animal. Confident, bombastic and polished; they do little less than shine. Despite singer Matt Davies’ announcement of a new album early next year, FFAF take the safe option and play their back catalogue - not that anyone here particularly minds. Thrashing out their hits with surprising energy, they whip through ‘Rookie of the Year’, ‘Bullet Theory’, ‘All the Rage’ (complete with a cameo appearance by 'tall motherfucker' Charlie from Fightstar) in quick succession. After a while, the duelling guitars and double bass drum fills begin to blend into one and the “we love you guys” banter really only makes them sound like a metal Goldie Lookin’ Chain - but the crowd here lap it up. Sure, Davies’ thanks are the same, careworn words he may utter every night, but after the effort put into FFAF’s performance this evening, I get the impression he means every one of them.