Every Move A Picture

West End Centre, Aldershot - May 2006
Image: © 2006 Michael Evans
Written by Michael Evans

If the job of a support band is primarily not to piss everyone off, then Every Move a Picture succeed. But whilst they prove themselves commendably tight in blasting out their super, streamlined disco rock in an impressively muscular manner, you can’t escape the feeling that this is a band in search of a chorus. When it finally arrives, during last song and new single ‘Signs of Life’, it’s excellent. However, since it’s tied to a fantastic riff and some mean keyboards it unfortunately makes the rest of the set seem a trifle dull in comparison. Still, the girls down the front are dancing and hey, even this reviewer’s feet attempted a brief shuffle at one point, so they must have something going for them. Built on good foundations then but lacking that killer punch.