Ejector Seat - The All Dayer!

Ten bands, one night. Or is it ten nights, one band? No, that would be silly. They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong, oh yes. Southampton's Ejector Seat promo team want to do naughty things with your head, and they want to do it in The Joiners. FOR ONE WHOLE GODDAM DAY! Yes, a whole one. So if you fancy 'coming down' from your Hi:Fi high in style - get off the train at Southampton Central and get your collective arse to here, people:

Jeniferever - From Sweden, Jeniferever make stunning epic indie. ''It's not often that I'll say this, but Jeniferever is a band everyone needs to hear, regardless of personal taste. It's music is that compelling. The songs drip with emotion, saturated to the core with an overwhelming feeling of urgency... simply wonderful.'' Album of the month www.decoymusic.com 'Stunning... bands like Jeniferever have never been more essential' 8/10 Rock Sound www.jeniferever.com www.myspace.com/jeniferever

volcano! - Hailing from Chicago and signed to the excellent Leaf Label, this band are on their first UK tour in support of their debut album, which is quite simply stunning. 'What volcano! have achieved in simple terms, is to create the most forward-looking, genre-eschewing, sense-battering album I've honestly ever heard' 10/10 Drowned in Sound www.volcanoisaband.com www.myspace.com/volcaonisaband

The Retro Spankees - They played Southampton last supporting Bearsuit, and they were absolutely brilliant; all mad as hatters. Since then they have supported Misy's Big Adventure on tour (playing everywhere apart from the Southampton date; annoyed!) and have released their debut album. Expect songs about ants, lots of rubber ducks and the biggest smile on your face... www.retrospankees.com

Rival Joustas - Best unsigned live band in the world? If there was such a contest, this Southampton band would surely be one of the favourites. They have recently returned from being on tour with The Mystery Jets. www.rivaljoustas.co.uk www.myspace.com/rivaljoustas

Leisure - criminally under-rated local band. listen to their stuff on myspace and tell us its not true, especailly hey who turned up to... what a tune! www.myspace.com/listentoleisure
Moneytree - "It's cluttered, it's odd and it's also quite spankingly superb'' KKKK Kerrang! Great local band who only recently came to our attention. So many influences... www.myspace.com/treesmadeofmoney http://www.aroundthemoneytree.com/

The Pirate Ship Quintet - stunning post rock 6 piece from Bournemouth. we love them. recently supported Cult of Luna at the Joiners.'The beauty of the Pirate Ship Quintet is in the ease with which they build up, from the simplest of beginnings, to a sound that quite simply knocks all thoughts out of your head. Each song rises to an awesome crescendo of sound before slowly fading into an empty silence' The Fly www.thepirateshipquintet.co.uk www.myspace.com/thepirateshipquintet

Glow - played at one of our Rhino nights recently, and were brilliant. 'Woozy glacial poptronica, weaving lilting vocal purrs, ebbing scuttle beats and a quiet majesty not unakin to Radiohead's forays into laptop weirdness. Bonus points for having a flugelhorn too...' Lo Fi Hi Fi www.fablesofglow.com www.myspace.com/fablesofglow

Cathode-Ray Mission - A late addition to the bill, but a worthy one, as we love this band. Difficult to pin down, with critics comparing them to everyone from Joy Division to Adam and the Ants and Gang of Four. "they're a bit like a sticky-back-plastic Joy Division, or a male Slits, or a scrawny Gang Of Four, or none of those" Drowned in sound www.myspace.com/cathoderaymission

Trial and Error - indie punk upstarts, who played for us last year. They make music that we normally hate, but we like them, which must mean they are bloody good at what they do... www.myspace.com/trialanderroruk