Bluesky Research

True Spirit/Ask For The Dawn - Single Review - May 2006

Image: © 2006
Written by Tommy L

Bluesky Research have probably been threatening to force themselves into the nation’s consciousness for longer than any of Portsmouth’s bands. Perhaps this double a-side single will be the catalyst. From 'True Spirits' drum intro, first thoughts spring to Coldplay’s 'In my Place', but after a few bars any fears of similarly insipid mediocrity are banished. Sure, it's essentially piano-based rock, but it’s as beautiful and uplifting as so many of their contemporaries are dull. Its dynamic builds from a piano-led start to an overwhelming guitar crescendo and, frankly, it's fantastic. The same is true of the flipside, ‘Ask for the Dawn’, whose mix of dance beats, rock guitars and sing-along chorus wouldn't be out of place on a Charlatans album. It’s as reassuring as it is refreshing to know that people are making music like this. With the right exposure and a bit of luck, the big-time beckons.