K Bar, Bournemouth - March 2006.
Image Courtesy of www.mirrorballmusic.com
Written by Jo Daley

I’ve listened to a few Mirrorball songs before coming to see them in Bournemouth's K Bar in tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing them live. But after sitting on uncomfortable chairs, with a wonky table, and quite frankly wanting to cry at how bad the sound technician is, I’m not in the best of moods to hear anything. I am pleasantly surprised though. I can tell they're all nervous about playing their first gig in four months, but they shine through the shoddy sound and dim lighting like a lighthouse to a lost ship. Their meaty melodies and layered songs demonstrate the talent of each musician in the band and they perform well, considering the circumstances. I look forward to seeing them in a decent venue with the audience they deserve.