Debut Single - Dealing With Your Mental Illness (Skribble Records)
Image: © 2006 Skribble Records
By Tommy L

Freezerburn are a peculiar bunch. ‘Dealing With Your Mental Illness’ starts with a Libertines-esque guitar jangle but quickly turns into an atmospheric epic with effect-drenched verses and clever harmonies. The girl/boy vocal playoff is like hearing the Magic Numbers possessed by the demonic heart of Gorillaz, and the fact it’s all slightly off-key adds more than a small element of intrigue. But this is also the track’s downfall. I realise it’s oh-so-trendy to be ‘DIY’ and bands like Grandaddy (RIP) have long been making songs which despite being woefully out of tune sound fantastic. But Freezerburn are just a little too ‘clever’; you can almost hear the sarcasm dripping from the speakers. Sure, there are ideas in abundance and the harmonies on the outro are incredibly beautiful, but when the parts are compiled there’s just something lacking. Discovering what it is will be the key to their future.