Dios Malos + The Fratellis

Club NME at The Consortium - April 2006
Words & Image by Kid 73

Dios Malos have a Cali ‘stoner’ rock vibe about them as they trip through their short, 25 minute set. Harmonious and atmospheric songs conjure pictures of sea and sand in your mind’s eye. There's no real crowd interaction and they seem so relaxed I half expect to look at the stage and see them all reclining on a sofa, playing their instruments. Technically they are very talented, but overall it’s a subdued affair. In stark contrast, the word subdued is not in The Fratellis dictionary. As part of the rising Glasgow scene that is starting to get everyone’s ears twitching, this six-legged, three-headed behemoth of a band hug the crowd, slip a firecracker in their pocket and push them away to explode on the dance floor. Their drummer has so much energy the only thing that would make him hit the drums harder is a run up. Teetering on the edge of pop, their songs are instantly recognisable and partly predictable - but nonetheless loveable. Whilst naysayers point to the big label contract and drivel on about “Arctic Simians and Libertines rip-offs”, The Fratellis are out back having a smoke and listening to their roadie play banjo. Their sound is undoubtedly ‘in’ at the moment and with messy hair, tight trousers and a musical energy so thick you can spoon it out of the air, they will have detractors and advocates aplenty. In the yin and yang of the music industry talk is talk, good or bad and they have a lot of talk. Watch them rise and catch them in a small club… while you still can.