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The Bishops + Thomas Tantrum - April 2006
Image and words by Kid 73

Thomas Tantrum are only into double digits when it comes to playing gigs and you can tell. That said though, they have possibilities aplenty. Megan has an almost Cocteau Twin voice that is haunting and distinctive. If only the band could find a way to amplify, build, subdue and rein it in they could have something special. It is all about the voice though - and she is cuter than a two-week-old kitten, which will do them no harm whatsoever. The Bishops jump onstage styled like a black and white 1960s TV show. The music seems to be an elixir that they joyfully take to let their Mr Hyde side out, as they fully spazz out then snap back to Dr Jekyll and harmonise their mop tops, smiles and lyrics. I thought for a while that Paul Weller was out back with a live feed and the band onstage were just holographs. The sound isn’t everyone’s cup ‘o tea and it is certainly from a bygone era - but it does have a sprinkling of the contemporary to beef it up. It’s almost like Jagger and Lennon had a love child, who then shagged Paul Weller and had lovechild twins, who then found a drummer. New single ‘The Only Place I Can Look Is Down’ is out soon and has all the right ingredients – guitar solos, harmonising and bounce-off-the-walls energy.